The Mission of the Kentucky Real Estate Exhangors is to Unite Those Who Are Qualified in Real Estate Exchange Counseling into a Networking Organization for the Mutual Benefit of the Members and Their Clients and:

  • To disseminate through educational programs information relative to real estate in general and exchanging in particular;
  • To promote education and professionalism in the specialty of exchanging and exchange counseling;
  • To assist members with creative solutions to real estate problems;
  • To create an atmosphere of cooperation and sharing of ideas;
  • To provide technical assistance to its members;
  • To create a forum to expose properties to a larger, more active market place;
  • To create an organization whose members subscribe to the philosophy that;
    Working with people is more important than working with property. Giving of oneself is essential and that if this giving is done willingly and sincerely the best interests of clients and members will be served.

KREE Bylaws:

Click Here for PDF-KREE Bylaws


  • Networking: Associate with real estate’s top professionals
  • Education: Learn creative marketing and problem solving techniques.
  • Marketing: Expose your real estate to the “doers” in the industry.
  • Exchange: Achieve yours goals through an active and sharing of ideas and solutions using the 1031 Exchange.
  • Problem Solving: Discover new and innovative approaches to real estate transactions.


  • Tax Saving
  • Pyramid Real Estate Holdings
  • Build your Estate
  • Upgrade Your Quality of Investments
  • Increase Income
  • Use 100% of your Equity
  • Solve Ownership Problems
  • Build Personal Wealth

KREE Awards

A newer member (not necessarily their first year) who exemplifies the creative marketing method as espoused by KREE. One who has shown active participation in the marketing meetings, served on committees and has attended KREE education seminars. The member must also be active in the real estate community and exhibit the ethical code of conduct of KREE and the real estate associations.

A seasoned real estate agent and a KREE member in good standing. Honoree must be an active member in the real estate community and an active member in KREE and KREE marketing meetings. Honoree may have also served on committees and given back to KREE and the real estate industry.

CREATIVE TRANSACTION OF THE YEAR ( aka Exchange of the Year)
The creative transaction must be submitted for a transaction that closed that year. A written brief of the transaction plus a closing statement shall be submitted to the Awards Committee who shall review all submissions and select the one the committee feels is not only the most creative, but also exemplifies the creative philosophy of KREE.

This award is granted to the person in the organization by the President which he or she deems has materially assisted the President in the dispatch of his or her duties during that year.

DON KESSLER AWARD ( not necessarily presented each year. Only when deemed relevant)
This is the highest award the organization can bestow. It is presented to the real estate professional who has been actively involved in the real estate industry and may or may not be a KREE member. The person must exhibit the highest moral and ethical standards who freely contributes to the society at large.  This award is nominated to and selected by the Past Award Winners.


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