Kentucky Real Estate Exchangors is a nonprofit organization of real estate agents trained to achieve clients’ real estate investment goals, solve real estate problems, and take advantage of real estate opportunities. KREE members strive to meet a high level of education in real estate marketing, real estate counseling, real estate taxation, real estate financing, real estate management, and real estate exchange as determined by the National Council of Exchangors. Often, real estate brokers can help achieve an exchange of real property. Our members are concerned with their client’s needs. They work as personal investment counselors. They are client centered, as opposed to property oriented. So, their most important consideration is to meet the specific and realistic goals of the client. Each professional is motivated to seek out the best way of achieving their client’s goals. They work very hard to ensure that by working together the client is satisfied. KREE professionals can assist clients in developing, as well as skillfully implementing, their individual plan of action. Their ability to provide innovative solutions to difficult problems will insure that each real estate transaction works. Each highly qualified professional is licensed to practice real estate and trained and experienced in one or many of the following areas:
  • Real estate investment brokerage
  • Appraisal
  • Development
  • Financial resources and structuring
  • Management
  • Taxation
  • And the varied benefits of real estate exchanges.

Monthly Meetings:

Our monthly meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at :

900 Envoy Circle
Louisville KY 40299

For more information about our meetings click here.

Upcoming Events:

Bi Weekly Marketing Session – ZOOM MEETING
October 1st – Open to the Public! Contact for meeting invite.
900 Envoy Circle, Louisville, KY 40299

Bi Weekly Marketing Session – ZOOM MEETING
October 15th – Open to the Public! Contact for meeting invite.
900 Envoy Circle, Louisville, KY 40299


Members Social Events

Check Back Later! Due to COVID-19, Social Gatherings are Placed on Hold


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